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We aim to become a global company held in high regard among customers for its sincere approach to manufacturing We value our people and help them grow, developing their sensitivity for preempting change in the world

Long-term Vision
for 2035

A global company with an engaged employee base that continues to pursue manufacturing innovation

Greetings from the President

Since our founding in 1913, SAMTECH Corporation has developed products based on metal plasticity processing technologies from our production base in Osaka.

Over that time we have grown as a company playing a key role in the automobile industry, and a small role in ushering in a hydrogen energy-based society through the development of a number of Japan-first technologies and products in the pursuit of a prestige level of quality that captures the hearts and minds of our customers.

The automobile industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation at a time when environmental preservation is growing in importance as part of a broader social drive toward sustainability. We have seen a shift in customer values in line with this, and customer needs are becoming increasingly diversified. This prompted us to renew our management philosophy and vision for the company.

Under the new management philosophy, our company culture of “approaching manufacturing with sincerity” established over the years will remain, but will be instilled in our core values globally, not just in Osaka. While forecasting future global trends is no easy task, remaining sensitive to change and being able to respond presents opportunities for innovation, and we hope to remain a company that develops a workforce with this mindset.

We aim to become a company that plays an essential role in society by fulfilling our new vision as a “Global company with an engaged employee base that continues to pursue manufacturing innovation”.

President Yoshiki Sakaguch


Yoshiki Sakaguch



SAMTECH is constantly developing new technologies and production methods with the aim of producing better products at lower prices. This is made possible by our production facilities, down to our peripheral equipment, developed in-house to support ease of use and further technological developments.

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