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SAMTECH is constantly developing new technologies and production methods with the aim of producing better products at lower prices. This is made possible by our production facilities, down to our peripheral equipment, developed in-house to support ease of use and further technological developments.
Plant and Facilities Image


Head office

1000-18 Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara City, Osaka-fu, Japan

Habikino Plant No. 1,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 2,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 3,

1464 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 4,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 5,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 6,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Habikino Plant No. 7,

1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino, Osaka

Die Set Plant,

1000-95 Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara, Osaka


SAMTECH International Co., Ltd.

  • Address: 1130E Dominguez Street Carson City,
    California 90746-3518 U.S.A.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of SAMTECH in California. A manufacturing plant for high-pressure gas vessel liners. These liners are used in applications for aircraft, firefighting, home healthcare, and natural gas vehicles. The company also develops liners for next-generation fuel cell vehicles. In particular, the liners used by NASA are custom-made, high-precision products that only we can produce.

SAMTECH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Address: Pinthong Industrial Estate 3
    219/2 Moo6 Tambol Bowin,Amphur Sriracha,Chonburi 20230 Thailand
We established SAMTECH (Thailand) in Chonburi Province in June 2011 to manufacture and sell hot forged products to meet the ever-increasing needs for automobiles and parts manufacturing in the ASEAN region. We aim to become the preeminent forging company in Thailand by further improving the already excellent forging technologies we have cultivated over the years, realizing even higher quality and productivity than in Japan.

SAMTECH Automotive
Mexico S.A. de C.V.

  • (SAMTECH Mexico)
    Address: Calle William Thomson NO. l 02, l 04, PILBA,
    Carr.Santa Ana del Conde Km 4 C.P.37680, Leon, Guanajuato,Mexico
SAMTECH Mexico was established in October 2016 in the Pilba Industrial Park, Leon, Guanajuato, to manufacture and sell hot-forged products. Mass production started in September 2018. Following the U.S. and Thailand, Mexico is our third overseas location. To meet demands in North America, we introduced the same state-of-the-art production lines we have implemented in Japan. There we produce automotive hub unit bearings that meet our customers’ expectations for the same high quality and cost savings we realize in Japan.