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High pressure gas tank for rocket
Firefighter air breathing tank

Performance testing service for high voltage equipment

Performance testing service for high voltage equipment
We undertake airtightness (leakage) tests, room temperature pressure cycle tests, burst tests, etc. for pressure vessel products and their materials. In order to build strong partnerships with our customers, we hold detailed discussions regarding test methods and test conditions. All customer information entrusted to us will be kept strictly confidential and will not be leaked to any other company. Protecting your confidential information is our top priority. We also flexibly respond to customer requests, such as issuing inspection reports regarding test results and taking photos of test conditions. The main testing methods we carry out are shown below.
Airtightness test(Leakage)
The airtightness of the specimen is checked by filling the specimen with gas (nitrogen/helium) at a specified pressure and holding it for a certain period of time.
Burst testing
Pressure (water) is applied to the specimen, the pressure at the time of rupture is measured, and the condition of the ruptured specimen is confirmed.
Normal temperature pressure frequency test
The specified pressure (water) (upper limit pressure/lower limit pressure) is repeatedly applied to the test specimen, and the pressure is increased or decreased until leakage occurs from the test specimen or the specified number of times.
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